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I’ve been 100% plant-based for four years. Zero meat, zero dairy, zero animal products.

I was one of the last people you’d expect to adopt a plant-based diet. I was the guy making fun of people who didn’t eat meat.

So why the change?

It wasn’t for animal welfare. It wasn’t to “save the planet”. It wasn’t to feel superior and condemn the actions of others.

It was out of selfish curiousity.

I think this is where most people start but don’t want to admit to themselves.

I removed animal products from my diet to experience firsthand the highly acclaimed…

One of the questions I’m often asked when people find out our family is plant-based is “Is that healthy for your children?”

This question gave me pause the first few times I heard it because, to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure. I had read all the books, seen all the documentaries and listened to all the podcasts, but I didn’t know exactly what nutrients were essential in my children’s diet.

I was unsure as to what amount of these nutrients are required daily and what foods are the best sources. I decided to do my own research and take…

Transitions have a far greater impact than most people realize. The ability to effectively transition between the different aspects of your life, while giving them your full focus, is undervalued in today’s society.

You’re not fully present i​f you’re stressed about work while playing with your kids. And you’re not performing to the best of your abilities if you’re thinking about the argument you had with your spouse last night instead of finishing that TPS report.

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It’s difficult to transition between the increasing number of areas vying for our attention. Work, kids, housework, family, hobbies, Netflix. …

How To Kick Writer’s Block In The Nuts

Sometimes I want to put my fist through my laptop screen, throw it across the room, then take a big fat shit on it.This odd and sudden urge to defecate on my beloved computer occurs only after enduring a prolonged period of writer’s block.

I’ve been experiencing a particularly wretched bout of it lately, so much so that I decided to indulge myself and join the bastion of writers who have written on this dreadful subject.

Every writer encounters this scourge of a mental block and can relate to the struggle.

What the writer decides to do with their frustration…

How To Be A Parent and Still Achieve Your Dreams

You are sound asleep in bed. It’s a beautiful summer morning. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, your partner is sleeping peacefully beside you — what could possibly ruin this idyllic setting?

Suddenly, you’re jolted awake by the ear piercing screeches of a screaming baby.

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You immediately feel the cortisol begin coursing through your body.

Dazed and half asleep, you stumble out of bed and glance at the alarm clock.

Oh, shit! You slept through your alarm again!

You were supposed to be up an hour earlier to get…

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My 4-year-old daughter is one of the most creative people I know.

Her imagination and curiosity impress, baffle, and fill my partner and I with pride, often all at the same time.

Like most children her age, she loves to paint pictures, play games fueled by imagination, play dress-up, make up songs — you name it.

Her unbridled imagination truly inspires me.

She has become one of my role models as someone who is a carefree, creative thinker. She is autonomous in her creativity by creating solely on her terms and for her own enjoyment.

She isn’t burdened with worries…

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A short guide to putting in the work today so you can be proud tomorrow.

Does the following sound familiar to you?

“I just read this incredible article on Medium about [creating an online business, restructuring my finances, writing a children’s book, getting in shape, moving to Iceland and working on a banana plantation]. I feel so motivated and inspired right now! Wait, the new Game of Thrones episode is on? Never mind, I’ll start my project tomorrow!”

Then you shut your mind off, go to bed, and wake up the next morning feeling ashamed that you wasted your valuable free time.

I am not shitting on television, but it is likely the most common…

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